A Chat With Mandana Dayani

The chic force who helped run Rachel Zoe’s company for 5 years on her new gig, fashion and beauty tips, and the thing she calls bullshit on.


When we all first met Mandana Dayani on The Rachel Zoe Project, she seemed like one of those super-cool, whip smart women who never missteps – and if we’re being honest, intimidates us a little. But turns out, the super-chic, slender force who helped run Rachel’s company for 5 years is a warm, kind-hearted goofball – and nothing brings that side out like her 2-year-old beyond-adorable daughter Anderson.

She told us, “I finally have an excuse to do all the childish things I love: running around in the backyard, dressing up in costumes, having water fights, breaking out the slip-n-slide. It’s so fun!”

When she’s not in mom mode, Mandana is the Chief Brand Officer at Everything But The House, an online estate sale marketplace (if you haven’t checked it out, do so ASAP – you can shop auctions from your sofa, and everything starts at $1).

Like any working mom, she struggles with balance, but she leans on her former boss when she gets overwhelmed:

“Watching Rachel Zoe in action was the best crash course in motherhood – she’s the most present mother I’ve ever seen! I have always been in awe of how well she balances work, mommyhood, and her husband. I still text her all the time with questions.”

Read on for some sound advice, fashion and beauty tips, and the thing she calls bullshit on. Meet the impeccably stylish, super awesome Mandana Dayani.

On Everything But The House

It’s an estate sale marketplace for both buyers and sellers, and we handle everything! Currently in 25 cities, we come to your house, take photos of all the pieces, catalog them, and put the sale up on our auction platform. We even handle payment and shipping. Bidding on everything starts at $1, lasts 7 days, and there’s no reserve. And like the name implies, we take pretty much everything – jewelry, furniture, art, cars, decor, memorabilia, etc.

Her Gig

I’ve always love going to estate sales and flea markets, but the idea of shopping them from my bed was really exciting! I fell in love with the founders and the concept. Our primary headquarters are in Cincinnati, so the company is full of great people with true Midwestern values. I joined a year ago and helped launch the brand headquarters in LA, which is focused on our consumer-facing components: merchandising, brand marketing, PR, social, art, copy, etc. I came in to help relaunch our site and do a brand refresh – it’s been really fun, and I am learning a ton.

Her Home Decor Style

I believe in buying what you love and then finding a way to make it work. My house is full of Midcentury and 70s Regency (velvets and swivels are especially fun) with a lot of vintage art mixed in.

Fave Life Hack

I always wake up and get ready before my daughter gets up, so I can spend every minute with her before I have to leave for work. We walk to Starbucks together every day and then come back and have breakfast.

Rachel Zoe, Supermom

Rachel is a true supermom. She makes all of their meals and has the most beautiful relationship with her children. She taught me to be very honest with children and to communicate  how you’re feeling. It all resonated. Being around her made me realize I could do it all and be a great hands-on mom. She is so inspiring.

Ideal Date Night

We like to stay in, which is bad. We live across from Shu so we’ll do takeout from there, or if we actually venture out, we love Sushi Park. Any time alone together is so valuable, so we try and make the most of it.

Favorite Kid Date

Andy loves ice cream, so our dates revolve around that. We go to The Grove and walk around holding hands – that’s my favorite thing in the entire world to do. She loves pizza and pasta so we get one of those and then ice cream. She is so fun to hang out with!

Career Highlight

Relaunching our site at EBTH. When you have millions of visitors coming to the site per month and making transactions, it’s scary to make a lot of changes. We changed so many things at once without any hiccups or errors, and it was received really well by our audience. It went smoother than I ever could have hoped for and was such a positive experience.

Best Relationship Advice

It sounds cliche, but make time for each other. Everyone told me that, and they were right. There is always an excuse, but if you and your partner aren’t in sync and feel like a team, the whole system breaks down. We make a lot of effort to have fun and embrace the things that changed, and it has made this whole process so much more fun. I feel like I have a best friend through it all.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

I worked until the day before I had Andy, and I wasn’t as prepared for the transition as I wish I’d been. I worked, went into labor, and then went straight into it. I would have liked to be in a more peaceful state of mind. I always push myself to be the hardest working person, and I pushed myself too far. Do over!

Parenting Style

I was raised by the greatest parents in the world. We focus a lot on family and surrounding her with people who love her. We try hard to keep family and friends a big part of her life, to have fun with her and make every minute count. We are very present, which was very hard for me to learn how to do. I walk into the front door and put my phone in a drawer. It is very important to me to celebrate and share the things my daughter loves. There is a picture of her in the Starbucks we go to daily – she is their mascot. We are just Andy’s mom and dad, and we have hoodies that say that to prove it! She’s currently obsessed with crowns, so we all wear them everywhere!

Embracing It

Prior to having Andy, I felt all this pressure to be a perfect mom, and that’s just not how it is. My dinner is leftovers on paper princess plates. It’s so imperfect, but it’s real and it’s fun – it’s important to portray that and share it. Seeing Insta photos can make you think you have to make perfect meals on perfect plates every day. And NOBODY DOES THAT. I have 18 minutes to cook and eat. The unrealistic pressure is ridiculous.

Her Basics

I live in LNA T-shirts – they got me through pregnancy, delivery, and everything since then. And I love RTA and Re/Done jeans.

Obsessed With…

Finishing my house. We‘ve been remodeling, and I’m obsessed with creating this perfect outdoor space. It’s taken over my life in a really fun way.

Guilty Pleasure

Really tragically bad television, like The Bachelor, Unreal, and a good evening of The Housewives. But I also love good television too! I will never stop watching Law & Order SVUNight Manager was amazing. I just started The Night Of, and Homeland is one of my favorites.

The Best Days

We have a standing Saturday date with our best friends who are Andy’s godparents. We sit in the yard, go swimming, eat guacamole, drink wine, and just veg out. There’s nothing better.

Gee, Her Skin Looks Terrific

I do whatever Violet Grey tells me to do. I’m obsessed with them. I love La Mer Gel Cream and Erno Laszlo cleansing products, and Charlotte Tilbury makeup. And I make an effort to see this amazing facialist Biba regularly.