Short Answers From Molly Sims

Model/actress/lifestyle blogger Molly Sims gets candid about what it takes to look her best at 43 – from diet and exercise to the procedures most celebs won’t admit.

Molly-Sims_QuoteMolly Sims has made her 43 years on earth (seriously) count. Born and raised in Murray, Kentucky (there’s such a down-home friendliness about her), she went to Vanderbilt (go ‘Dores!) where she studied poli-sci and joined Tri Delt sorority. Two years in, her roommate urged her to submit her photo to a modeling agency, and on a whim, she did.

Next thing you know, she dropped out of school and traveled the world appearing in the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Edition”, hosting MTV’s House of Style, and modeling for CoverGirl. After that? Oh just a full-on acting career (no big).

In 2010, Molly met her now-husband, producer Scott Stuber, and they have 3 kids – Brooks (4), Scarlett (2), and Grey (2 months). A very hands-on mom, Molly realized after having Brooks that her career needed to pivot. She told us,

“I spent a good majority of my career traveling from country to country and then back again. I loved it! But when I became a mom, I knew that lifestyle wasn’t for me anymore. I decided to start my own lifestyle blog, YouTube channel, and write a book. I can now work from home and include my kids in a lot of what I do. I’m happier than I could have ever imagined!”

She got candid with us about freezing her eggs, having 3 kids under 5, and the regimen she’s on now to lose the baby weight. Take it away, Molly!

3 Kids Under 5

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It takes a village, as they say! I think a lot of women struggle with this because they think it will make them look weak. But nothing is wrong with avoiding a burn out – the better care you take of yourself, the better mom you will be. I’ve always believed in the whole “work hard, play hard” mantra. When I’m working, I’m all work. When I’m with my family, it’s all about them.

Parenting Advice

It’s important that you’re always the captain of the ship. Try not to be a pushover (as hard as that can be sometimes!), but we do our children a huge disservice if we don’t give them boundaries. Don’t get me wrong – I’m by no means a strict authoritarian. Kids need to be wild and play like crazies, but that doesn’t mean all bets are off.


Jennifer Garner is my ultimate “mom crush”. She’s great at balancing motherhood and her career and is very hands on. I also respect how much she gives back. She’s a great person and mom!

Career Lowpoint

My career is full of rejection, so it becomes normal. The hardest part is picking yourself back up after being told “no”. The biggest struggle was when I broke into hosting and started television. I had been modeling for years, but this was the first time I had done any on-camera work. I was pretty horrible and needed a lot of training. I was a nervous wreck and faked confidence more than I felt it. I remember going home and crying my eyes out some nights. I forced myself to keep going and learned along the way. Experience is key. Thankfully, even those low points got me to where I wanted to be. But, it definitely wasn’t easy!

Taking Control Of Her Future

The first time I decided to freeze my eggs, it was actually before I met Scott. I went to Dr. Shahin Ghadir knowing absolutely nothing about fertility. All I knew is that I wanted to be a mom one day, and I was getting old. Even though I was single, my biological clock was ticking loudly.

When I met Scott, we ended up freezing embryos about nine months before we got married, just in case. I know that sounds crazy, but we were both on the same page about wanting to be parents. I actually ended up getting pregnant on my honeymoon naturally! I think it’s because I had a safety blanket in the back of my mind that I got pregnant. It’s an insurance plan, and I’m so thankful I went through with it.

On Losing Baby Weight

It definitely takes a lot of work to get back to my pre-baby weight. Currently, I’m working with nutritionist Kelly LeVeque to help get myself back in shape in a healthy way. Weight loss is definitely 80% diet and 20% exercise. Kelly is working to balance my blood sugar, turn off hunger hormones, decrease inflammation, and fuel my body without the excess weight gain. I’m having to watch my carbs and stick to what she calls the “Fab 4”: protein, fat, fiber, and greens.

Get With Her Program

Since so many women are in the same boat, we are actually sharing my weight loss journey on our blogs and social media called, Bikini After Baby. For 12 weeks, we are posting all the recipes Kelly has given me + lots of tips. This girl knows her stuff. Trust me! Check it out on my blog and Kelly’s.

With that said, I still work out. I try to get into the gym with my trainer, Nicole Humphries with Body By Simone for some circuit training, cardio, and dance. She’s super high energy, so I have fun doing it!

Getting Rid Of “The Pouch”

After my first baby, I still had this little bit of pooch on my stomach that wouldn’t budge. No matter how much exercise I did or healthy diet I maintained, I just couldn’t lose it. I decided Coolsculpting was a great choice because it was FDA-approved, non-invasive, and there was little downtime. I loved the results!

Skin Secrets

Honestly, skincare is all about prevention and having a routine. I’ll never go to bed without cleansing and moisturizing. When you take care of your skin, it will show. And, if you don’t? That will show, too. I love a good moisturizer like Natura Bisse The Cure but I’ve also been super open about using lasers and peels. I did a peel called Fraxel last year (a super intense one!) to help with my melasma from pregnancy. I also have a lot of unrelated discoloration, so general TCA peels and antioxidants like Vitamin C are a lifesaver!


Okay, this is a bad one. Are you ready for this? When Scarlett was a newborn, we were on a flight from NYC to LA. I had stopped breastfeeding because I wasn’t producing enough milk, so I was supplementing with formula. Halfway through the flight, she started fussing, so I searched in my bag to prepare the bottle. I had forgotten it. I was terrified. Luckily, I was able to have a friend meet us at the terminal when we landed, but I felt like such a shitty mom! That’s a mistake I’ll never make again.


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