Send This To The Mother’s Day “Planner”

Your ONE DAY a year when it’s all about you is right around the corner, and it should be one for the books.


[klee-shey] noun
1. an idea, action, or habit that has become trite or commonplace from overuse
2. anything unoriginal that warrants a big ol’ eyeroll

Normally, we steer clear of cliches. But when it comes to Mother’s Day, turns out some of them are pretty lovely, especially when you put your own twist on them.

We’ve made it super-easy for your significant other to plan a special day to celebrate you – send this list to him immediately (and if you want to be surprised, don’t read on).

High Tea

Why It’s Fun: When else are you going to get dressed up in your most tea-appropriate attire and pretend to be fancy? Pinky’s up!
Tip: Have someone take a family photo – this is Instagram gold.
Scouted: Chicago’s Drake Hotel, NYC’s Lady Mendls or The Plaza, St. Regis Atlanta, Fairmont Seattle, LA’s Getty Villa or Tres, and SF’s Charles Chocolates or Japanese Tea Garden.

Picnic In The Park

Why It’s Fun: No one picnics as often as they’d like. Pack up a delicious, boozy lunch and head to the park with a blanket and the whole fam in tow. Lounge, chat, sip, play.
Tip: Pick up lunch from a favorite sandwich or to-go spot. And treats (obvi).

Breakfast In Bed

Why It’s Fun: Mom will sooo appreciate it, and the kiddies will take pride in helping to make it. And it likely means family cuddles in bed, which happens never.
Tip: Even kitchen neophytes can whip up these healthy 2-ingredient (yet totally delicious) pancakes that take less than 5 minutes to make. (P.S. She’ll be just as thrilled with bagels and coffee from your local shop.)

Family Walk

Why It’s Fun: In our busy lives, aimless strolling is all but dead. Whether you go for a walk around the neighborhood or, even better, for ice cream (!), getting outside and being active with your people is awesome.
Tip: Roadies are encouraged.

Plant An Herb Garden

Why It’s Fun: Fresh herbs make everything better (especially salads, eggs, and sandwiches). Kids get a kick out of watching them grow and tasting/smelling them when ready – plus high five for an educational experience.
Tip: Don’t leave out chives – they jazz up anything and are super-easy to keep alive.

Head To A Museum

Why It’s Fun: As much as we wished we did, most of us don’t spend our weekends getting our culture on. So Mother’s Day is a perfect excuse to do that – mom picks the museum of course.
Tip: Double the fun and make a reservation for an early dinner at one of her favorite spots nearby.

Paint Your Own Pottery

Why It’s Fun: The kids (even young ones) love painting a vessel, and it produces something mom can cherish made by her littles. Plus, watching their skills improve year after year is heart-warming.
Tip: Lots of places will let you bring a bottle of wine to enjoy. Also painting is therapeutic. Color Me Mine has locations all over the country.

Day Trip

Why It’s Fun: Road trips are the perfect means for making memories. Hop in the car and head somewhere no more than an hour or so away – check out a new town, go for a hike, visit a winery. Tip: Fathom is full of awesome ideas, no matter where you live.

Surprise Date Night

Why It’s Fun: Well, duh, surprises are always fun. Book a sitter and make a reservation ahead somewhere she loves or wants to try.
Tip: If her own mom lives locally, make it a double date (only if she would like that – families are complicated).