The Must-Read Articles of The Week

The must-read articles of the week: How to store wine correctly (no you don’t need a wine fridge), a poignant look into one NYC nanny’s life, and the new book being heralded the next Lean In you’re going to want to read immediately.

  1. No one has ever hung up the phone on this guy. 💞
  2. WTF?  “40 percent of women are now the sole or primary breadwinners of their households, but 76 percent of women who work full-time outside of the home are still doing the majority of housework.”
  3. Now you know: You’re probably storing your wine incorrectly (and possibly ruining it).
  4. A beautiful, poignant look into the life of a Filipino nanny in New York.
  5. When should you intervene when a kid is unkind to your child.
  6. Zima is on its way back – stock up on Jolly Ranchers!
  7. Fellow Project Runway junkies, this is fascinating.
  8. “It takes lives to save lives.” This woman is amazing. As is her husband for so brilliantly writing this.
  9. Maybe all that wine is an Instagram filter for our own lives, so we don’t see how sallow and cracked they’ve become.” So worth the read. We should all stop with the wine comments. Enough already.
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