Never Go To The Post Office Again

myusps2If you’re anything like us, hauling a box to the post office / UPS / FedEx is the peskiest task on your to-do list (and yes, packages have maybe sat in the car for weeks months before we finally got around to doing it.)

So when we recently spied a co-worker shipping a box via USPS from her desk, complete with a scheduled pick up at no charge, we started firing off questions.

Turns out the US Postal Service is up with the times (or we’ve just been living under a rock). Here’s the deal: So you have to use their special box, but that’s no problem because you can order them online, and they deliver them to your house all for free – no joke. (You can also pick them up from a post office, but why would you do that?!)

Okay so once you get your boxes, pack them up, log onto your new My USPS account, and just fill out where it’s going. Anything under 70 pounds ships for $7 (small box), $13 (medium box), $19 (large box) and arrives in 2 days’ time. Print out the label, schedule a pickup from the dashboard, and leave it for the postal worker. You can even track packages via their app.

Done and done.

Available online at

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