Next Level Egg Decorating

You could pick up some Paas, break out the vinegar, and dye eggs like you do every year. Or you could blow your kids’ minds with these next-level eggcelentΒ ideas (sorry, had to).

Because what’s cooler than decoupage eggs? Duh, galaxy eggs! Or is it tie-dye eggs?! Or sparklyΒ eggs?! Good luck choosing one.


Decoupage Eggs

Who: This one's for older kids who have patience and precision; and parents who fancy John Derian.

What: Make color prints of botanical imagery (thanks Google), score a few Ostrich eggs, and get your cut and paste on.

When: They make gorgeous decorative items worthy of showcasing year-round, so take the time to do them right.


Galaxy Eggs

Who: Older kids can manage this one unsupervised, but there are plenty of "jobs" for younger ones if you do it with them.

What: Start with chalkboard plastic eggs (12 for $4 on Amazon), then follow the instructions to get the galaxy effect using brushes and paint.

When: If you follow the instructions carefully, the final product is museum-worthy.


Glitter Eggs

Who: This one takes very little skill, so if your child can be trusted not to dump a bowl of glitter on the floor, you're good.

What: Martha suggests you blow out the eggs, which was code to us to buy fake ones. After that, it's all about glue and glitter.

When: These are big with the princess-loving set.


Tie-Dye Eggs

Who: Hey hey, everybody can handle this one.

What: All you need are hard boiled eggs, food coloring, and paper towels. It's almost impossible to screw this one up.

When: Opt for India Tree's natural food coloring (get it on Amazon), and you may even convince them to eat the final product.


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