Stocking The Hangover-Free Bar

Delicious, lower alcohol cocktails take the edge off without leaving you hungover (and seriously jazz up afternoon playdates).

So here’s the thing about drinking post pregnancy: You can’t hold it like you used to. Also, kids do not understand hangovers and are just as needy when your head is pounding and you’re on the verge of, well, you know…

For mom Christy Pope, drinking is literally her job: She owns the uber-cool Midnight Rambler craft cocktail bar in Dallas’ Joule Hotel and runs a beverage consultancy business Cuffs & Buttons. So after a few cloudy mornings (and ensuing loooong days of parenting), she changed her drink of choice to those with lower alcohol content. Brilliant huh?

She told us, “Low ABV cocktails are easy to make and easy to drink. They are ‘spirited’ enough to take the edge off, you can have a round or two at play dates, and they will not floor you… thus you can wake up in the morning just as bright eyed and bushy tailed as your little cricket!

Here’s everything you need to stock a hangover-free bar + a few of her favorite cocktail recipes.

Fortified Wines

Pro Tip: These work great as ingredients in cocktails, or on their own served over ice with a lemon twist. Also, note that once opened, all of the above should be refrigerated.

Apertivo & Spirit

Pro Tip: I chose gin as the one spirit for its versatility in cocktails and as a base for mixers.

Mixers & Toppers

Pro Tip: Keep a bottle of dry sparkling on hand – it’s a great topper for cocktails and can always be imbibed on its own. Bitters are also a must, as they add complexity and depth to drinks. Elegant mixers like the Fever Tree tonics go brilliantly with a gin base.


Pro Tip: The above bar tools will make your drink-making snappy and stylish. And every parent should have a champagne stopper, so you don’t feel pressured to drink the whole bottle of bubbly!

Christy’s Favorite Cocktails:

Old Hickory
1.5 oz (45ml) Dolin Dry
1.5 oz (45ml) Carpano Antica
2 dashes Peychaud Bitters
1 dash Orange Bitters
Stir & Strain
Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Lemon Twist

All That Jazz
.75 oz (22.5ml) Dolin Dry
.75 oz (22.5ml) Carpano Antica
3.5 oz (105ml) Sparkling
1 dash Peychaud Bitters
1 dash Orange Bitters
Stir & Strain & Top with Sparkling
Glass: Flute
Garnish: Lemon Twist

1.5 oz (45ml) Dolin Dry Vermouth
1.5 oz (45ml) Lustau East India Sherry (OR Tio Pepe Fino if you prefer a dryer drink)
2 dashes Orange Bitters
1 dash Angostura Bitters
Stir & Strain, Serve Up
Glass: Cocktail
Garnish: Lemon Twist

1 oz (30ml) Carpano Antica
1 oz (30ml) Campari
1.5 oz (45ml) Beefeater Gin
Stir & Strain, Serve Down
Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Orange Twist

Cocchi Americano Spritz
1 oz (30ml) Cocchi Americano
1 ½ oz (45ml) Prosecco
½ oz (15ml) Club Soda
Build over ice
Glass: Wine
Garnish: Lemon Twist