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Planet Earth 2

Who: The whole entire family (no matter the ages) can finally agree on a TV show.

What: If the words "flamingo parade" peek your interest (and they should), you need to watch this mesmerizing second series (in ultra-high def) immediately.

When: 2,089 shooting days / 40 different countries = epic programming

Where: bbcamerica.com

Dirty Lemon Sleep

Who: If you're exhausted at night but can't stop your mind from racing...

What: This concoction of filtered water, lemon juice, rose water, herbal extracts, and magnesium glycinate promotes drowsiness and "mental calm" – and it actually works.

When: Drink it right before you get into bed. (It's delicious, 10 calories, and won't cause sleep-eating.)

Where: dirtylemon.com


Who: Does your lingerie drawer need a refresh? Probably.

What: This line of Turkish lingerie hits all the marks: Sexy (but with that cool Self Portrait vibe), durable (i.e. won't rip easily), flattering, and supportive (no dainty bralettes here).

When: It's the kind of lingerie where you actually want your bra strap to show.

Where: elselingerie.com


Who: Women (and men) looking for an au natural way to cover grays.

What: Created by an award-winning chemist, this protein treatment restores grays to their original color by infusing hair with its natural pigment.

When: Currently avail for naturally black, brown, and light brown hair (no blonde or redhead option yet).

Where: myhairprint.com

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