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Beauty Pie

Who: If you spend a lot on makeup, this one's for you.

What: This brand new line of direct-to-consumer makeup has a new approach to pricing – pay a monthly $10 membership fee and buy lipstick for $2.40 (factory cost), or opt out of the fee and pay $25 (competitive market price). Hmmmm.

When: We're can't wait for our order to arrive.

Where: beautypie.com


Who: All the people who love fancy jewelry + the lovely ones who give it to them (wink).

What: This new direct-to-consumer line of fine jewelry is made of ethically-sourced precious metals and gems, and it's totally affordable (50-75% less than traditional retail!!).

When: Your next birthday or anniversary.

Where: starlingjewelry.com


Who: This is a game changer for any parent traveling with young kids.

What: Two genius moms designed this genius contraption that lets kids lie flat on a standard economy airplane seat – and it works.

When: If you fly regularly or long distances, this is a no-brainer (and anxiety reducer for you).

Where: fly-tot.com

Goop Clean Beauty

Who: Anyone on the "new year, new you" bandwagon looking to make some changes.

What: Gwyneth and team have compiled detox recipes, exercise tips, hair and beauty recommendations, and more to take your health to the next level.

When: It's January 4th, so...

Where: amazon.com

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