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Who Gives A Crap

Who: Anyone who wants to do good for the world and bring a little joy to using the loo.

What: This toilet paper is not only super cute but it's also made of environmentally-friendly materials, and they donate 50% of profits to improve sanitation in the developing world.

When: Don't be ashamed to display the extra rolls.

Where: us.whogivesacrap.org

Glossier Cloud Paint

Who: Glossier addicts, your cheeks will soon thank you.

What: The super-cool beauty brand launched its line of gel blush in 4 perfect hues on the Oscars red carpet because they're cool like that.

When: The rest of us can get our grubby hands on it March 6.

Where: glossier.com

"The Rules Do Not Apply"

Who: Memoir lovers, this one's for you.

What: Penned by a New Yorker staff writer, this is a great read centered around the simple fact that "everybody doesn't get everything".

When: You're feeling like your own life is a mess and could use some solace.

Where: amazon.com

Nicely Noted

Who: Anyone who appreciates a handwritten note.

What: This smart service delivers a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps every month. The cards are sharp, witty, and sweet.

When: You want to make a damn good impression, be a good friend, or look so together.

Where: nicelynoted.com

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