Oscars as Moms

Let’s look at the Oscar’s a little differently, shall we?


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This week: The Oscars Should All Be Moms

Where: The Cut

What: There were plenty of unknowns surrounding the Oscars this year. Who’s going to host? (Spoiler alert: no one, and it worked.) Will certain awards really not be televised? (Cinematography, seriously?) Not to mention OMG-worthy moments like that mesmerizing and borderline uncomfortably-intimate Shallow performance and a film about menstruation winning Best Documentary (hell yes).

But the best thing to come out of the evening came from The Cut, where writer @mmaggeler  proposes how to make next year’s award ceremony run smoothly, and we’re totally on board—make all the Oscars moms. Moms as dates! Moms accepting awards and thanking their moms! Stars taking selfies with their moms! Mom-mania! And dads and kids too (because there’s nothing more glamorous than stuffing a bite-sized clutch full of Goldfish, amirite?).