The Rockets of Awesome Pop-up Opens This Week!

What’s rainbow-covered and lives in New York City? Our Pop-up Shop – open through the holiday season!

Ready for the most magical, sprinkle-covered, rainbow-powered shopping experience in the history of ever? 

After months of planning, locking in our perfect Fifth Avenue location, and obsessing over every detail – actual meetings were called to discuss what size to make the “marshmallows” in the marshmallow pool – we are having a major proud-mom moment as we prepare to open the Rockets of Awesome Pop-up Shop: our first-ever retail store in NYC on August 8. Expect the most incredible clothes, coolest activities, and selfie-worthy moments your kids will lose their minds over!

Open for business: Our awesome Pop-up Shop location at 133 Fifth Avenue in NYC!

Bring the kids and come celebrate with us at our grand opening party on Saturday, August 10, where you can experience our clothes for yourself: feel the super-soft fabrics, flip our magical sequins, test our super-stretchy jeans, and put on some 3-D specs to marvel at our rad graphic tees!   

“It’s incredibly exciting to be able to give our customers the Rockets of Awesome experience in real life. I can’t wait to see people interacting in the store, with their kids and with the clothes,” says founder Rachel Blumenthal. “The Rockets of Awesome Pop-up is a one-of-a-kind immersive shopping experience!”

Click here for more information, hours, and our daily calendar of in-store events! 

If you can’t make the grand opening party, don’t worry – we’re here through December 2019. And the Rockets of Awesome website is always open: for school clothes, party outfits, emergency stock-ups and something fun just-because – whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

Hope to see you at the store!
XOXO Rockets of Awesome