Short Answers From Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe on her amazing 25-year relationship with husband Rodger Berman, the one thing that will make her come undone, and having kids later in life.

Rachel-Zoe_QuoteIf you ever caught an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (so good), you know Rachel Zoe has earned every bit of her fame. That girl works! (And her ubiquitous venti Starbucks must help.) She singlehandedly brought the notion of outfitting celebrities into the mainstream (Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and Eva Mendes were all clients). Even your uncle knows what a stylist is now.

With the help of her financier husband Rodger Berman (“babe” to Rachel), the power duo have built an empire out of her 70s glam, boho-chic signature style that includes books (Style A To Zoe and Living In Style), contemporary clothing (she just showed her 27th collection!), a media channel (The Zoe Report), a subscription box (Box of Style), a second annual Coachella event (ZOEasis) coming up, and Real Life With Rachel Zoe (an Instagram Story series on Sundays at 9am).

Add to the list totally devoted, hands-on mom to Skyler (Sky-Sky, 6) and Kai (3), her two gorgeous blue-eyed sons, who she calls “the loves of my life.”

We caught up with the funny, cheerful, always uber-stylish powerhouse on her amazing 25-year relationship with husband Rodger (so maj), the one thing that will make her come undone (she dies!), and having kids later in life (everything).

The one and only Rachel Zoe…

Know Yourself

You have to know who you are: I border on more cautious and neurotic than not when it comes to parenting (and, let’s be honest, life). I’m extremely hands on because I don’t want to miss anything! My boys are so active and wake up ready to go at 5:30am. I get up with them and do breakfast, drop them at school, and I do bath and bedtime at night.

The Juggle

I had kids later in life, so I got to build my career for 18 years before they came along – I went to events every night and got on a plane every other day, so I’m happy to sacrifice my social life now. I don’t go out electively very often because I’d rather put my kids to bed. My criteria now are: Is it an event for a friend I want to support or a brand I am partnered with? If not, I skip it.

Mom vs Dad

Rodger is an incredibly hands on dad, but because we have boys, I think they would crawl back into my body if they could. There is an endless love affair between moms and sons. Rodger sometimes feels like the distant third choice – it’s become like a comedy act!

Career Lowpoint

When someone you’ve trusted completely and entirely in your business stabs you in the back, it’s awful. I have had 6 of those throughout a 20 year career, which is statistically not horrible, but it’s the worst feeling.

Better Together

Rodger and I have been together 25 years, so we have literally been together for more than half my life. Some people think marriage is so hard, but for us it’s the easiest thing in our life. We bicker and disagree all the time, but we have a really quick recovery rate. Ultimately, it comes down to unquestionable trust and the ability to agree to disagree. We just trust each other and love each other deeper than you can think about. We exist together – we are one, not two.


Skyler sleeps in our bed. He started at 5, and now we can’t get him out. I secretly love it so I don’t care!

Relax & Unwind

I fail at unwinding, both before and after I had kids. I don’t get massages. I don’t take baths. I can’t fully relax. I am not proud of this! Returning 100 emails in my bathrobe while eating takeout is my version of unwinding.

Guilty Pleasure

Being a complete shut-in and not leaving the house for a whole day. No getting dressed, no makeup, just ordering takeout, baking, and disappearing for a day.

Pet Peeves

  • I have a hard time with people who don’t do their jobs.
  • A lace dress next to a beaded dress on a rack will make me come undone. Sequins catch on delicate fabrics!
  • Condensation: A puddle of water under a beverage makes me insane. Use a coaster!

Perfectly Dressed Boys

It’s not like they go out with their credit cards and buy their own clothes, so they don’t really have clothes I don’t approve of! If Rodger dresses them, they are in Grateful Dead tees and running sneakers, so there are moments… but those are thankfully rare.

Inspired By…

I am inspired by powerful, strong, intelligent women who lead with style, grace, and good. Natalie Massenet changed the fashion industry and the way we shop with Net-A-Porter. She leads with confidence, elegance, and kindness. She’s proof you don’t have to be a bitch to succeed. And the holy grail: Oprah.

Favorite Family Date

The farmers market on at Brentwood Country Mart, followed by brunch at the Soho Beach House and a Malibu beach day.