Rachel’s Must-Have Baby Registry Picks

Rachel shares the baby gear and products she couldn’t have lived without the past year.

Dear Cricket’s Circle Readers,

You are the definition of awesome. Your response to Rockets of Awesome has been nothing short of amazing, and for that I am beyond grateful. We’ve received countless emails and calls about where to get trustworthy product recommendations and the best baby registry now that we’ve closed Cricket’s Circle.

I wanted to personally reach out and recommend the registry I used myself: giggle. Like us, they believe in doing the work for you: They vet everything out there and offer a tightly-edited selection of what they consider to be the best. Their selection is on-point, and their product reviews help you make the right decision for you. Plus, they’ve been at it for 12 years, so they know their stuff.

As a new second-time mom, I wanted to share the products I couldn’t have lived without this past year with my own baby.


Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

This innovative bassinet does it all: vibrates, rotates 360 degrees, plays soothing lullabies, and has a nightlight and nursing timer. It’s also perfect for small spaces!

Uppababy Vista

I upgraded to the new model with Gemma because it has so many configuration options, it allows me to easily push two kids. Plus the huge under-basket and easy steering make it effortless – this is by far my favorite deluxe stroller on the market.

Fridababy Bundle

Nobody’s solving the problems of moms like the geniuses at Fridababy. This bundle of solutions will get you out of those WTF am I supposed to do? moments every parent faces, including cutting teeny-tiny nails, sucking the snot out when baby gets a cold (yes, that’s a thing), and relieving painful gas.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

If pumping was an Olympic sport, I’d likely metal. I was one of those buy-an-extra-freezer dedicated pumpers, and I owe much of my success to this hardworking pump.

Hands-Free Pump Bra

When you spend hours a day pumping, you need to be hands-free. This bra isn’t cute, but it lets you multitask like a champ. Game changer.

Quick Clean Wipes

Trust me, washing and drying all those parts every time you pump is a racket (and don’t get me started on trying to do it in an airplane bathroom!). These sanitizing wipes are brilliant and necessary.  

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

We traveled several times while Gemma was a baby and we couldn’t have done it without this crib. The best part is how easy it is to set up and how compact it travels.

Summer Infant Video Monitor

I love that this monitor never failed me. It’s everything you want in a baby monitor: no interference, color video and sound (and the ability to turn either off), and an intercom which enables you to talk to your child if you want.

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

I tried them all, and this was hands-down the most comfortable baby carrier. Plus my husband loved it too, so I can vouch that it works for both tall and short people.

Manhattan Toy Spiral

The brighter and tackier it is, the more babies love it. My daughter was mesmerized by this toy that attaches to the car seat and stroller. We never leave home without it.