You Should Know About… The Library

hero Sonogram printouts of alien baby. Precious locks from the first haircut.  Teeny tiny (unnecessary-but-totally-adorable) baby moccasins you just had to have.

Quick: Where are they now?!

If the answer is either I have no freaking idea or shoved in a bin in a closet, you’re in luck: Jenny Nevins and Karla the Losen were right there with you – and set out to do something about it.

The result is The Library, a gorgeous, super-easy system for organizing and celebrating all those physical keepsakes. The handmade cloth-covered boxes are meant to be displayed like beautiful books and come with thoughtful labels and folders, making organization a cinch.

The best part is you have a stunning, heirloom-quality archive for your child, worthy of the memories inside – and it only takes you 5 minutes to do it. And being the smart moms they are, they give you the option to stop at baby or keep going with the School Years edition.

Given the onslaught of stuff they make at school, we recommend the latter but #YouDoYou.

Available online at

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