Short Answers From Stacey Bendet

The Alice and Olivia founder on her over-the-top signature look, running a tight ship at home, and her epic #MomFail.

Stacey-Bendet_Social (1)When it comes to motherhood, Stacey Bendet is about as hands-on as it gets. The founder of Alice + Olivia and mom to three precious girls (Eloise, 8; Scarlett, 6; Athena, 17 months) runs a tight ship at home (rules are strictly enforced) and takes on crafts with a Martha-esque fervor. Yet she’s seemingly always decked out (literally, like in ball gowns) with full makeup and signature oversized sunglasses – looking fun-loving, lithe, and seriously together.

So just how does she do it? She starts each morning with an hour of yoga (before the girls even wake up), is committed to a mantra of ‘love yourself’, and focuses just as much on the fun parts of parenting (lemonade stands for charity!) as she does on the tricky tasks like disciplining her strong-willed daughters.

Lest she seem a bit, well, perfect, read on for her epic #momfail, the reason she’s always wearing sunnies, and why you should buy yourself a new spring Alice + Olivia dress immediately. Plus more juicy details from the gorgeous and zany life of the A+O cover girl.

Doing Good

We kicked off our second annual “Buy A Dress, Give A Dream” program last week – for every dress we sell through March 19 (online or in-store), we will donate a dress to a young woman in need for her prom.

Her Style

I am always dressed up. My version of casual is a beaded skirt with boots and a t-shirt. I taught my 5 year old the word eccentric this morning. She was like, ‘Oh yeah, Mommy, that’s you!’

What’s With The Sunglasses?

Ha. My eyes are sensitive! My sister calls me the family vampire. She will run toward sun, and I hunt out the shade. I love big vintage glasses, and they’ve become a signature part of my style over the years, and more so now with the launch of our eyewear and the proliferation of our “Staceface” logo on bags/sweaters/emoji stickers!

Everyday Namaste

I’m a hardcore Ashtangi (been doing it for 15+ years!) and do it every day – some mornings at home and a few days a week with Eddie Stern.  Most of the time I’m all glam, but every morning I’m with my people – a bunch of folks covered in tats and sweat. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

Career Highlight

I like to think that career highlights are ongoing, but the first time Michelle Obama wore head to toe Alice + Olivia was a standout moment for me!

Parenting Advice

My dad told me once to take my house back! Parents sometimes get so caught up in trying to be nice, calm, and kind that we forget we are the parents and they are the children. It’s so important to set rules and boundaries – kids actually want that. I don’t like being strict, but setting parameters helps kids’ behavior. So take your house back! That’s the best advice I’ve received – don’t ask children to do something, tell them.

Parenting Duties

I am always on morning duty, and Eric is usually on bedtime duty. We try to be on the same page when it comes to discipline and punishment because it’s so important for parents to be consistent in terms of rules and reactions. I am usually the disciplinarian!

Relationship Advice

Make time for the two of you! These days, our lives are so fast-paced, it’s important to remember that your relationship needs as much attention and thought as your job and children. It requires nurturing to evolve and grow like everything else – success comes with dedication and work. Make your relationship a priority: Take a trip together, spend a night in a hotel, make a weekly dinner date.

Guilty Pleasure

Ice cream. It is my one non-vegan pleasure.


Yesterday I let two of my kids take a flour bath. We made this up: They filled the bathtub with bags of flour and got to play in it. It was all incredibly fun until the baby peed in the flour bath. FAIL.