5 New Super-Cool Stem Toys For Kids

These awesome toys introduce kids to math / logic /coding, and just might pave the way towards a bright future.

Circuit Cubes

Who: Calling the 8 and older set.

What: These electronic building blocks add sound, motion, light, and sensors to everyday objects. We love that it promotes both STEM and imaginative play.

When: Endless opportunities to get creative with household items.

Where: tenkalabs.com

Tiny Polka Dot

Who: This one suits the 3-8 set but can be played by the whole family.

What: This deck of math cards teaches kids counting, arithmetic, and logic by way of 16 different games that are actually fun for kids.

When: Math is cool. Start them young.

Where: tinypolkadot.com


Who: It's geared towards girls 6+, but we think that's silly. A few pink pieces do not a girl toy make 🙄 .

What: Build various themed sets using circuits, motors, and modular building pieces. Then watch them free-play with their creation.

When: Makes a great rainy day activity.

Where: playmonster.com


Who: Kids 6-14 up for a monthly challenge.

What: This box subscription will teach your child to love coding via a new project each month, each one building upon previous learnings.

When: The earlier you start, the easier it is to pick up coding.

Where: bitsbox.com

Little Red Riding Hood

Who: Kids 4-7, put on your thinking caps!

What: This brainteaser challenges preschoolers to problem solving with 48 different scenarios (from beginner to expert) that sharpen their cognitive skills.

When: "I'm bored", meet Little Red Riding Hood.

Where: amazon.com

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