Everything You Should Read This Summer (And What To Wear Whilst Doing So)

So it takes you a little longer to get through a book now that you have kids, what with the constant interruptions and all. The act of researching what you should actually read? HAHA! Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you. Here, five books we have on our must-read beach book lists and, for added enjoyment, great thematic pieces for you and your kids to wear. Happy reading!

More Than Enough, Elaine Welteroth

If you don’t follow Elaine Welteroth, head to Instagram and do so immediately. The former EIC of Teen Vogue and current judge on Project Runway just published her first book: a memoir that chronicles her journey to “claiming space.”

Looks great with: A statement tee. 

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City of Girls, Elizabeth Gilbert

You read Eat Pray Love, and now you’ll read City of Girls, a novel set during the summer of 1940 in New York City. After flunking out of Vassar, Vivian Morris finds herself in an unconventional world unlike anything she’s ever seen. The world of the Lily Playhouse.  

Looks great with: A party skirt.

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The Floating Feldmans, Elyssa Friedland

What will you want to do for the big 7-0? Annette Feldman wants her whole family under one roof … or rather, one sky. Read what happens when the well-intentioned Annette books a cruise for her ENTIRE family.

Looks great with: A bathing suit.

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The Girl In the Red, Christina Henry

If fairly tale meets horror is more your speed, this page-turner is for you. Christina Henry takes us on a journey to a post apocalyptic woods where no one is safe. But the power of a red jacket proves immeasurable.

Looks great with: Red, duh.

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Recursion, Blake Crouch

Sci-fi junkie, are you? Crouch’s follow-up to 2016’s Dark Matter is so good it’s already being developed as a feature film AND television series but none other than THE SHONDA RHIMES. So do some deep breathing, put on your most futuristic tees, and check out this thriller.

Looks great with: Metallics.

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