The Must-Read Articles of The Week

How to store wine correctly (sans wine fridge), a poignant look into a NYC nanny’s life, and the new book being heralded the next “Lean In” you’re going to want to read immediately.

The must-read articles of the week: How to store wine correctly (no you don’t need a wine fridge), a poignant look into one NYC nanny’s life, and the new book being heralded the next Lean In you’re going to want to read immediately.

  1. No one has ever hung up the phone on this guy. 💞
  2. WTF?  “40 percent of women are now the sole or primary breadwinners of their households, but 76 percent of women who work full-time outside of the home are still doing the majority of housework.”
  3. Now you know: You’re probably storing your wine incorrectly (and possibly ruining it).
  4. A beautiful, poignant look into the life of a Filipino nanny in New York.
  5. When should you intervene when a kid is unkind to your child.
  6. Zima is on its way back – stock up on Jolly Ranchers!
  7. Fellow Project Runway junkies, this is fascinating.
  8. “It takes lives to save lives.” This woman is amazing. As is her husband for so brilliantly writing this.
  9. Maybe all that wine is an Instagram filter for our own lives, so we don’t see how sallow and cracked they’ve become.” So worth the read. We should all stop with the wine comments. Enough already.

10 Quick Reads To Be “In The Know”

The must-read articles of the week: An awesome new workout! Easy steps to earning more $$! Empowering books for kids!

link-roundup“Men out there looking for something special to do this Valentine’s Day for the woman you love and admire, here’s my best advice: tell her about it.” #ThisGuy

A recruiter breaks down the steps to earning more $$. (Note: You’re probably not doing these simple things.)

Healthy Valentines that kids will actually love?! Yes, please! Thanks Pressed Juicery.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love This Is Us more, this happens. #NeverGiveUp

Werk werk werk werk werk.

Ira Glass to the rescue. We. Can. Not. Wait.

Our fearless leader, Rachel Blumenthal, doles out the Rockets of Awesome backstory and shares some whip-smart personal finance tips on this week’s So Money podcast.

Hot yoga, only just an hour and to killer music? Sign us up.

“So I was sad and Fabien was cute, but this is not that kind of story.” Warning: A love story vortex ensues.

Do it: Take back your brain.

19 empowering books for kids of all ages.

The Must-Read Articles of The Week

The best relationship advice, the “right” way to read to your kids, raw cookie dough that’s safe to eat, and more. 📷 @cookiedonyc

Love love love this piece by fashion maven Laura Brown’s boyfriend, who’s 16 years younger than she is. 

We can’t stop listening to the new podcast Ponzi Supernova – Bernie Madoff talks about his epic ponzi scheme. (Side note: who knew you got free access to Audible podcasts with Amazon prime?)

Phew! Rebecca, Jack, Randall Kate, and Kevin are sticking around for at least 2 more seasons! If you aren’t on this bandwagon yet, now is the time.

Such a thought-provoking relatable piece on having an only child.

You have permission to take a spoon and dig into raw cookie dough (no salmonella risk here!). You’re welcome.

Warning: If you’ve ever had a nanny that was like family, happy tears await after reading this.


A pair of black pants that look good on everyone? Sign us up.

How you read to your kids matters. Here’s how to do it “right” and develop their intellectual empathy.

If you are struggling to lose weight, this is probably why (plus a fix).

The Must-Read Articles of The Week

We did the work, you just peruse this week’s best of the web.

unicorn-hotcocoWe did the work, you just peruse this week’s best of the web.

Unicorn hot chocolate. FULL STOP

The new guidelines on peanut allergies. One word: Banta!

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂  So good.

The nerve! A first class plane ticket does not buy you silence, people.

The problem with “clean eating” – a fascinating read.

Screw stereotypes. Akira Armstrong is the definition of awesome.

Which attachment style are you? (As if we weren’t already paranoid about screwing our kids up.)

This 8 year old nailed it: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a true superhero.

Be careful what you watch on TV when Alexa is lurking.