A Chat With Marissa Kraxberger

The former Ivanka Trump exec on her new Rag & Bone gig, life with 3 kids, and how she keeps her relationship on point.

We’d be hard-pressed to sum up fashion exec Marissa Kraxberger in a single word. The Atlanta-born, NYC-bred VP of Creative for Rag & Bone is hailed as a digital visionary and a darling of the retail industry where she’s held key roles at brands like Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade New York, Diane von Furstenberg, and Ivanka Trump.

She also happens to be an incredibly hands-on mom to three precious kids – Alexa (6), Hayden (5.5), and Rowan (11 months) – and the blogger behind Lady & Prince, which chronicles her family’s escapades through the city.

When she’s not buried in fashion samples and coordinating photo shoots, she’s enjoying every square inch of NYC with her photographer husband Nate and the kids – beginning with her Brooklyn neighborhood DUMBO.

Read on for the lifehacks she swears by, the secret to keeping her relationship on point, and how she makes apartment-living work brilliantly with 3 kids.

Meet the most down-to-earth awesome woman and mom who never ceases to inspire and amaze us – the one and only Marissa Kraxberger.

The Gig

I’m the VP of Creative, so I work on both the women’s and men’s fashion shows, photoshoots, ad campaigns, and the creative elements that bring our retail stores to life. We recently opened a men’s shop in TriBeCa that’s so fun – there’s custom graffiti in the fitting rooms with a secret peephole revealing unique content, a lounge with a curated record collection, an entertainment unit that streams movies like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, and a custom stormtrooper from Lucasfilm made for our founder. I love being able to work on such a unique range of projects.

Her Other Job

My personal blog is a passion project. With 3 kids and a full-time job, I’m not as diligent about posting as I used to be! I love to collect and share photos of our life, and it forces me to organize our photos. Nate takes so many amazing shots of the kids, and they end up in Dropbox and Flickr where no one ever sees – with Lady & Prince I can bring the images to life and tell stories around them. Also, I’m hopeful that I will someday turn it into something bigger, but I’m not sure what that is yet.

Automate, Automate, Automate

Subscribe & Save on Amazon is a major lifesaver. I use it for all basic household items, otherwise we would seriously always be out of paper towels and toilet paper! I’m also a big fan of Blue Apron for meals, Parasol for diapers, and Rockets of Awesome for kids clothes (wink).

Her Secret

My main hack is really just a way of being: By compartmentalizing my days, I get the most done and feel the most productive at work and at home. From 9am-6pm Monday through Friday, I’m 100% work focused. From 6:30-8:30pm, it’s the kids and bedtime routines, and 8:30-11pm is a mix of hanging with my husband, watching TV, blogging, and handling home stuff. I save most social activities for the weekends, and I mostly try to focus on the kids during the weekend.


Mornings are rough! We wake up when Rowan does, so that could be 6am or it could be 7am. We should get up earlier to feel more relaxed, but I like sleep, so I tend to sleep as long as I can! Normally Rowan hangs in the bathroom with me, playing with my makeup tubes on the counter while I get ready, while Nate makes the kids’ breakfast. Our nanny arrives at 8am to help with Rowan. All seems okay until it’s time to actually get out the door – for some reason, getting shoes and jackets on is the biggest challenge. Then I walk the kids to school and jump on the subway to go to work.

Apartment-Living With 3 Kids

We are out and about as much as possible. I don’t love being indoors on the weekends because I end up just cleaning up after the kids and catching up on home stuff like cleaning (yuck). I’m a major get-out-and-go mom, always planning get-togethers with friends or some sort of activity, which kind of drives Nate crazy, as he would like to stay home and chill.


We relax and unwind after the kids are down with wine and HBO or Netflix – we love Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, and House of Cards. And I love date nights – those are a form of relaxation for us.

Perfect Date Night

Dinner at La Esquina Cafe in Williamsburg and a movie at the Nighthawk – that is our fav!

Career Highlight

The Men’s Project for Rag & Bone was, hands down, the coolest and most exciting project I’ve worked on. We worked with photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath and shot 8 inspiring, iconic men like John Turturro, Mark Hamill, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Harvey Keitel, and Wiz Khalifa. It was one of those projects I pitched not knowing what the response would be or how it would go, but I’m super proud of it and think it was a big success.

Career Lowpoint

I took a job once that was meant to be something that it wasn’t. I really had to change my mindset and try to make the best of the scenario, but there were many low points during that time. It in the end, I learned a lot about myself. My husband constantly reminded me during the time that “fruit is grown in the valley.” I tried to look at the tough times that way.

Biggest Risk That Paid Off

Taking my job at Rag & Bone when I was 8 months pregnant! It’s hard to start a big new job when you have to go on leave for a couple months because you feel like you could lose your footing, but I absolutely love my job and the brand, so it was a huge win for me.

Best Parenting Advice

Make rules but know it’s okay to break them every now and then. Nate and I are hardcore about bedtime for the kids, but every Friday is pizza and movie night, and we let them stay up late so they feel like it’s super special.

The Hardest Part

Both of our families live in Georgia, and we often wish we had family nearby to spend time with and to help out.

Relationship Goals

Continuing to date each other is vital. I also strongly believe in traveling some together without kids. Being connected as adults/friends/lovers and not just as parents is so important. He is my best friend and there is no one I’d rather be with.

Biggest #Momfail

For a solid month, I thought Rowan was born on November 21st instead of November 19th. I even sent out the wrong date on the birth announcement!!

Biggest Pet Peeve

The insane amount of paperwork and emails we get from school – It’s so hard to stay on top of all of it all.

Beauty Hack

I love fake eyelashes! It’s totally a vanity thing, but it means I don’t have to wear eye makeup, and that saves like 10 minutes in my morning. I go to Bling Spa every 3 weeks to get them done.