The Babysitter Checklist

paint-kid-dogYou’ve scored a sitter, a hard to get 7:30 p.m. reservation, and shimmied your way into your pre-baby jeans. Things are looking up for Saturday night.

Head into the evening completely worry-free by completing this babysitter checklist: Everything a sitter needs in case a not-going-to-happen emergency actually happens.

After going over all of the info with our sitter, we  like to leave ours on the front hall table or the fridge, for easy access.


  • Full name, age, date of birth, + current weight of each child.
  • Medicines + allergies for each child.

Contact US

  • Home address + phone
  • Your cell + partner’s cell (we always ask to make sure they are both programmed in their phone before we leave)
  • Where you are going (name) + number

Emergency HELP

  • Neighbor name + address + number
  • Pediatrician name + number
  • Local emergency numbers in case 911 doesn’t work with sitter’s cell phone provider


  • Bedtime for each child + lights out routine
  • Food + snack instructions
  • Wi-fi password

Print It, Fill It Out, & Put It On The Fridge

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