The Internet Digest: 9.23.2016

Our favorite reads from around the web recently… ? @kikivonglinow

around-the-webOur favorite reads from around the web recently…


Ali Wong on balance: “I have a nanny, and I work my ass off to pay for the nanny.”

Heart Full

Strangers started a Go Fund Me page and raised $384K, making it possible for this 90-year-old Chicago popsicle vendor to retire.

Listen Up

Working moms, repeat after us: I’m not a bad mom. I’m not a bad mom. I’m not a bad mom. Now believe it.

Kids Can Be So… Nice!

A 16-year-old who ate lunch alone every day of 7th grade launched an app so others don’t ever have to experience that.

Tune In

We can’t wait to take in this 6-episode traumedy – a semi-autobiographical storyline about the shittiest year of the creator’s life.

Say It Isn’t So!

Thanks to our sketchy FDA, you might be drinking beaver anus (!!) in that fruity beverage with “natural flavors” as an ingredient.

Texas Forever

What Chip and Jo are doing for Waco (not to mention for their family) is nothing short of amazing. A worthwhile read.

Back Off

The freshman dean at Stanford on how helicoptering your kids will ultimately fail them.

Keep on Keeping On

Here’s why you should keep reading to your kids after they learn to read.