Tie Dye Hacks That Will Make Your Summer THAT Much Easier

Tie-dying is equal parts insanely fun and, well, plain insane. It’s one of those activities you get super excited about at the onset, and somewhere, halfway into setting up the activity and even really beginning it, you feel like you made a huge mistake. Your hands are dirty. Your kids have red ink all over their faces (you swear it’s not blood). Your newly redone floors have an unwanted blue finish…

Nevertheless, the past time of dip dying scratchy tees in buckets outdoors will never go away and we’d never truly want it to. We do, however, welcome ways of making the process easier. Here are four we learned about that will give you, like 20% of your sanity back.

Let’s get brighter

To make colors appear brighter, fill a bucket halfway with white vinegar and add enough cool water to fill the bucket up, leaving a few inches at the top. Place your newly dyed piece in the bucket and soak for 30 minutes so the vinegar can help set the fabric dye.

A creative alternative

Not into the whole buckets of dye thing? Sharpies plus rubbing alcohol can be a lot artsier looking (not to mention more affordable and less messy).

Drink it up

Don’t you hate when your colors bleed into each other in all the wrong ways? Talk about #TieDyeProblems. To avoid this, try pre-soaking your clothes in soda prior to beginning the dying process. This will help the colors from mixing together.

Spray it on

For an easier approach to this messy activity, try a One Step Spray Tie-Dye Kit (Rockets employees swear by this one)

Still not convinced? We got you covered. Shop our must-have tie dye pieces in our summer new arrivals.