Every Dreaded To-Do List Task, SOLVED

newyeartodosYou know that list of pesky tasks you never get to because poking your eye with a stick sounds more fun? Yeah, we’re about to change your life. Draw up a will? Talk to a therapist? Play music in every room? Check, check, and check. Let’s get ‘er done from the comfort of your sofa – it’s 2017 after all.



Who: Anyone who needs new contacts or glasses and has an expired prescription (guilty).

What: Head to the site and take the FDA-registered online 20-minute eye exam using a computer and smartphone.

When: An ophthalmologist reviews and sends you a prescription within 24 hours – all for $40 (contacts or glasses) or $60 for both.

Where: opternative.com


Who: If you have a child, you need a will in place. FULL STOP

What: They hold your hand through drawing up a will and securing life insurance painlessly (complete with nudges). And if you need an estate planning attorney, they have recs in various cities.

When: As a parent, it's your duty to get your shit together immediately.

Where: gyst.com


Who: Women in need of a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, or lactation consultant via video chat or private message.

What: Peruse and choose a doctor according to your needs, schedule a time that works for you, and hit launch to start your appointment.

When: Midwife, $18/10 mins; Nutritionist/LC, $25/20 min; Dr., $35/10 min; Therapist, $70/40 min.

Where: mavenclinic.com


Who: Anyone whose home could use some good tunes and dance parties.

What: Sheer brilliance: A light bulb that doubles as a speaker! Which means you can start listening to music in any room via AirPlay by upgrading a light bulb.

When: Get preorder pricing now – 1 is $149, 3 are $299 – for March delivery.

Where: hellotwist.com

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