8 Valentine’s Traditions To Start With Your Kids

Super cool ideas that your family will look forward to every year.

ValentinesAwesomeNewsSo what if it’s a Hallmark holiday? Is it so wrong to embrace a day dedicated to love and friendship – and hearts and chocolate and pink and red (and champagne)? We say Valentine’s Day = Best. Holiday. Ever. Unlike crummy boyfriends, your four-year-old won’t let you down. Try on a new tradition this year. Here’s 8 fun ones to rev up your inspiration.  

  1. Send “Holiday” Cards
    Stand apart from the holiday crush and send your annual family greetings as Valentines instead.
  2. Teach Them To Treat Themselves
    Go to the store with your child and buy a box of chocolates to share. Lesson being love yourself, treat yourself, share the love.
  3. Send Them Love Notes
    Tape paper hearts to their doors while they sleep. On each one, write a word or sentence that describes why you love them.
  4. A Love Jar
    For the two weeks before Valentine’s Day, keep a jar front and center in your house where you can write down all the people you love with a quick “why” then mail them off to the recipients as valentines that you make together.
  5. A Romantic Dinner For Three or Four
    Make Valentine’s dinner a formal, multi-course family occasion by dressing up the menu with appetizers, sparkling lemonade, and dessert; dress up your dinner dates in their fanciest togs (or heart-print tights) usually reserved for holidays.
  6. Heart-y Breakfast
    Make a stack of pink heart pancakes or waffles — just add (organic) food dye. Slice strawberries to look like hearts. And slurp down a berry smoothie.
  7. Make Love
    Make your own heart tarts with the kids with Foodstirs kit.
  8. Spread Love
    Make little love notes with your kids and then take them (and tacks) to the park. Pin these love notes for strangers, teaching your kids kindness (and wonder) at the same time.