We Did It For You: Summer Beauty Hacks for Mom-Specific Situations

We know there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done, feel great, and look the way you want. (I mean, can you actually really have it all?) So to make things easier, we’re breaking down a few totally real Summertime scenarios, and the must-have beauty products that make them just a little bit easier.

Scenario: You’re supposed to have “date night” with your S.O. but you’ve spent your entire getting-ready time trying to put two sugar-high children to bed.

Solution: A great tinted moisturizer.


Scenario: You just realized you haven’t washed your hair in three days and your very judgmental in-laws are en route to your house.

Solution: An easy, yet chic, way to put your hair back, yet not up.

Scenario: You only have slotted time in for one pedicure a month and have a beach house.

Solution: Gel pedicures that last over a month.

Scenario: Your youngest child got food poisoning on July 4th from those questionable looking hot dogs and you’ve been up for over 24 hours straight and have five of your best friends coming over for an outdoor brunch.

Solution: A fabulous pair of Hepburn (Audrey or Kathryn) inspired sunnies.

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