What Our Favorite Moms Wear to The Gym

Let’s face it. Even before you had a child (or multiple), getting to the gym was never your favorite thing to do. One thing that has always made it easier? Great looking workout clothes. The feeling of the initial stretch of a new bright colored leggings gripping your leg…the amazing accomplishment you feel after correctly putting on one of those 46435-criss-cross-strap sports bras… and of course, the pre, during, and post-workout selfie you take to prove: yes, you did it. You got away and moved your body for you vs. THEM.

So we scoured Instagram to find the exact brands our favorite famous moms wear to the gym. Because, influential moms, they’re just like, well, regular moms?

Hilaria Baldwin, Co-Host of Mom Brain and Author

Those badass leather-looking leggings you see Hilaria Baldwin sport while twisting her body into shapes beyond our imaginations? Courtesy of Carbon38. They have a high-gloss, liquid look to them which makes them totally wearable with a blazer and button down post-gym.

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Serena Williams, Athlete

It’s no surprise this tennis pro rocks Nike day and night. After all, she has her own collab with the brand that includes a classic tennis skirt and dress. But off the court, she’s rocking Nike, too, with swishes all over her ‘gram, like the above adorable photo with her baby girl, Alexis.

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Melissa Wood, Wellness Coach

Melissa Wood took years of her own personal struggles with anxiety and eating disorders and channeled it into helping others through mindful eating and mediation. Today, she boasts 152K followers on her Instagram page alone, encouraging her followers to leave behind the idea that you should “look” or “be” a certain way. And she does all of this while being a truly fantastic and hands on mom of two. And while looking stylish in statement-making workout gear like this Veronica Beard get up.

Shop Veronica Beard x Bandier at Bandier.com.

Rebecca Jobson, Model

Mother/model/outdoor-sports extraordinaire Rebecca Jobson is often found wearing a bathing suit. If you looked like this, wouldn’t you be? But when she’s knocking around with the kids or en route to the gym, you’ll find her in logo’d out P.E. Nation pieces in the best color combos.

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Arielle Charnas, Founder, SomethingNavy


To follow Arielle Charnas is to know her love and commitment to trainer Megan Roup, who she does dance workouts with and shares via Instagram. Reasons to watch these videos? In part, #FITSPO. The other reason: major work out clothing envy.  We recently discovered the brilliantly neon bra and leggings set from Year of Ours pictured above, available on Net-a-porter.com.

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Whitney Port, Podcaster and Former Reality TV star

We love following Port’s so-real portrayal of motherhood — have you heard her podcast “I Love My Baby But…”?!? But we’ll always remember what drew us to her originally: her effortless L.A. It-Girl style. Port’s go-to workout gear for when she’s #doingthings: Outdoor Voices. Duh.

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