What We Really Want for Mother’s Day

Thanks to this thing called “The Internet,” gone are the days of run of the mill gift giving. It’s 2019, people! You can do better than a candle or bouquet of flowers (unless that’s your thing, of course) As if you need inspiration, we asked some of the most stylish moms we know what they really want this Mother’s Day. Like, if they had full reign/no budget/no inhibitions. Here’s what they told us.

Rachel Blumenthal, Stylish Mom of 2, CEO of Rockets of Awesome

“Brent Neale giant citrine heart shaped ring. My friend Maria was wearing it on Instagram and I was immediately obsessed. And, really, does one really need a reason to dream about incredible jewelry?”

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Jo Piazza, Stylish Mom of one, Writer


“I’m four months pregnant, so I want a monthly prenatal massage subscription and someone to watch my existing child while I get it. I’d also like to be able to take Ambien again, but that’s a year away.”

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Ramya Giangola, Stylish mom of 1, Creative Director

“What I TRULY want for Mother’s Day is a custom diamond choker from the amazing jewelry designer Maria Jose of Maria Jose Designs.”

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Kaelen Haworth, Stylish mom of 1, Fashion Designer


“For Mother’s Day I would like some Italian nutella and for my child and all four of my animals to magically develop objective reasoning. Ideally forever.”

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Rachel Sklar, Stylish mom of 1, Founder/CEO of TheLi.st

“Honestly I would love some Seamless gift cards. Does that make me basic? If it does, so be it – the gift of not having to think about dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) is just the greatest gift of all, because I am so tired of making decisions (and also dinner, and breakfast, and lunch).”

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Sofia Karvela, Stylish mom of 2, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Le Board

“For Mother’s Day all I want is gratitude. I tend to be in shortage of it. I’m big on shame (what I don’t do enough, too much of, imperfectly…) and narcissism (me, me and just a little bit of me). So on this day all I crave is gratitude for having my sons, above all else- For being mine. For loving me and sometimes hating me. And most importantly all I want, is to be the one they will always feel proud they chose to be mothered by.”

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