You Should Know About… Wonder Crew

The line of actually cool dolls is meant to teach little boys that strength is less about brawn and more about friendship, kindness, and connecting with other people.

wonder-crewWhile it’s awesome to see the onslaught of STEM toys geared toward girls to bust through antiquated stereotypes (“I scientist, mama!”), we still love the sweetness of watching little girls play with dolls. It’s a display of the most pure, nurturing empathy and contributes to their emotional development in a major way.

But what about little boys? Though there’s been plenty of progress, boys are still conditioned to play out the masculine stereotype that they should be tough mentally and physically; that vulnerability makes them weak.

This sentiment is further driven home by the imaginative play options available to them – recognizable action figures, idolized superheroes, weapons – which hardly encourage any sort of creativity or emotional growth.

Laura Wider is doing her part to change that. Prompted by her son coming home from preschool saying “boys aren’t supposed to cry”, she created Wonder Crew. It’s a line of actually cool dolls “crewmates” meant for toddler boys to teach them that strength is less about brawn and more about friendship, kindness, and connecting with other people.

The crewmates are available in various styles (think builder, explorer, chef, superhero), have friendly faces, and each comes with a matching piece of adventure gear for your little to create a bond and foster creativity.

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