A Chat With Zanna Roberts Rassi

The Marie Claire fashion editor, E! News correspondent, Project Runway judge, and Fashion Police regular on life with twin girls.

a-chat-with_zanna-roberts-rassiIt was a long painful road to motherhood for fashion polymath Zanna Roberts Rassi. She endured miscarriages, bio-chemical pregnancies, operations, and too many tears to count. So she was overjoyed when her doctor said,

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant. Not just a little pregnant, but like really pregnant.”

For anyone who’s been there, you know what that means: Twins.

And just like that, two new projects were added to her already jam-packed portfolio: Marie Claire editor, E! News correspondent, Project Runway mentor, and her most recent venture – co-founder of Milk Makeup. Oh, and as the stylist for Target, she heads to their Minneapolis headquarters each season and pulls together their fashion bible – a lookbook of on-trend outfits that you see on commercials, billboards, social media, and in-stores.

She’s also funny, British, and adorable, like a woodland sprite who chose Chelsea, Manhattan as her habitat and a style that’s more sleek with a hint of rock-n-roll than ethereal bohemian (though we’re sure she could pull that off, too).

We caught up with the editor-stylist-TV celeb to talk life with 2.5-year-old twins Rumi and Juno, her secret weapon for going from mom to glam in a flash, and the thing every woman should splurge on this season.

Meet one of the kindest, most talented, and beautiful women inside and out – Zanna Roberts Rassi.

The Secret To Twins

Get them on the same schedule as soon as possible – you must sleep train. Sleep is my fuel, and without it I’m a wreck – bad mom, bad employee, bad employer, bad wife, bad daughter.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Remember you’re a team. When you’re frazzled and want to blame someone for something, it’s easy to lay it on your partner. We try to remind each other if one of us gets angsty, give each other time to ourselves, and never make the other person feel guilty for working.

Parenting Style

I am very strict when it comes to manners and respect, which comes from the values ingrained in me and something I hold dear, but I’m very fun-loving too. We turn up the music and dance like crazy. I love seeing the joy in their faces when we are all together.

Her Village

We have a network of people who all bring something different and without them none of this would be possible! Our amazing nanny Karen has been with us since day 4. She’s wonderful with the girls and also happens to really be into fashion, so we get on well outside of the kids too. Weekends are just us, no nannies – that is sacred family time. My sister lives in NYC, so she can pop over anytime in a pinch, and the girls love her so much. I also have a sitter who is a makeup artist and does super creative arts & crafts with them. And we have Peppa Pig who occasionally looks after them (wink). Professionally, I have Nat and Kate who make me better at my job and are fun to be around. I’m so grateful to all!

The Milk Makeup Difference

As a beauty editor turned fashion editor, on-air TV personality, and stylist, I’ve worked with makeup from every angle. And even with all that knowledge, I still didn’t have a perfect makeup bag myself. I wanted products with payoff but that weren’t full of toxins. I was DIYing in my bathroom putting Vaseline over a concealer or trying to concoct the perfect glassy-looking eyelid that isn’t sticky. Milk Makeup is a culmination of all of this: It’s all 95% natural but still has a heavy pigment load (30%), so you only need 1 swipe. We raised the bar for ourselves and the industry.

Must-Have Fall/Winter Items

A pair of chunky platform heels – the velvet Prada ones are beyond gorgeous. And the Samsung Gear S3 watch: It’s a new discovery and I’m totally addicted. I’m always leaving my phone somewhere, or pulling it out when I shouldn’t be. With this, I can answer emails, text the nanny, and track my fitness – so perfect.

Secret Weapon

Makeup! The power of it is incredible. I can go from rolling on the floor with the girls to totally glam with a smokey eye or great lip in 8 minutes (literally, I timed it!).

Pick Me Up

When I’m feeling exhausted, Juice Press Rocket Fuel is amazing – it’s pure energy in a very healthy drink. Georgie, our Milk Makeup co-founder turned me onto it – she’s a white witch! That and Berocca, which is like getting a B12 shot. During Fashion Week and the Oscars… essential.

Style Icons

I’m an eternal fan of Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller – they both have that chic yet cool-girl vibe down.

Relax & Unwind

A good girls’ dinner is the best relief to me. We will sit around, laugh, drink too much wine, and feel like death the next day, but it’s so good for the soul.

Career Highlight

Oh so many. Milk Makeup is up there. Being signed as the first Target fashion stylist was a huge honor, as is working with E! – particularly at The Oscars. THAT is a fun day!

The Hardest Part

I feel like a failure when I have to travel and be gone for 5-6 days – that’s a long time for a newish mom. And they actually understand when I’m leaving now, which makes it even harder.

Off The Cuff

Favorite family meal: Monday nights all-you-can-eat at Hill Country Chicken – Rassi and I live on the BBQ chicken.
Last book you read: The Shallows: What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains by Nicholas Carr
Favorite kids movie: the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Can’t stop listening to: Desert Island Discs Podcast
In my fridge, you’ll always find: a carton of milk (for the babies) and a bottle of rose (for mum!)
Before kids, I never thought I would… : hum lullabies in the most inappropriate situations
Ideal date night: dinner at The Waverly Inn, The Bowery for a drink after
Favorite kids book: Spot Goes to School – it’s helping them understand pre-school.
Guilty pleasure: Instagram, it starts as work and turns into a vortex. And white tic tacs.